As Chinese, most people believe in Feng Shui to certain extent. In Feng Shui, the Ming Tang (space in front of the niche) is very important. It reflects the fortune for the future generations. Having a brightly lit and long Ming Tang signified a bright and good fortune for the generations to come.

Our parents give birth to us, feed us, provide for us and sacrificed so much for us. They have done so much to bring us up. They went through lots hardship educating, guiding and ensuring that we grow up to be a successful person. Now that we have grown up, it is essential for us to repay back to our parents and show our gratitude to them. What better way than to provide them with a total peace of mind for their final journey in this world. In pre-planning for their final journey, having them to choose their final resting place that they like is the best way to express our love for them. Having their final resting place at Nirvana, such majestic and luxurious columbarium, will definitely accord them with the respect, love and remembrance that they deserved.

In the world of Feng Shui, many believe that buying a niche when one is still alive (Chinese call it as Sheng Ji (生基)) will improves one’s good fortune and luck. Sheng Ji will also improve one’s health hence promoting longevity. As the Chinese saying goes “Tian Fu Tian Sou (添福添寿)”.

What is “Zhong Sheng Ji” 种生基?

The art of Sheng Ji came from Unique Feng Shui technique. It all started in the Imperial palace when Guo Pu published his findings in the book of Burial during Jin Dynasty. Guo Pu found out that by getting the right energy from the land via what we know as the Dragon, one can use it to help change or improve one’s destiny or luck. This is the reason why Emperors used it. They have such heavy responsibilities, on top of the constant threat from his family to topple him if he is weak. This why they will need health, longevity, authority and wealth luck to govern such a huge empire. Where else can one get it, if it is not in our destiny? The answer is either from our ancestors Feng Shui or Sheng ji. This tradition has been carried down to even today. Where there is Chinese, this tradition carries on. In Thailand it is known as ‘เจ่าอุ่ง’ (Cèā xùng) or in Hong Kong/Taiwan/Malaysia/Singapore as 種生基. Along the years, many variations of doing Sheng Ji have surfaced but not many maintained the traditional way of doing Sheng Ji like us. Some are having the sheng ji in altars just like a columbarium, above the ground.

How did it come about?

Feng Shui started with burial or also known as Ancestral Feng Shui (陰宅風水). Burial is the way of using earth’s internal energies (Qi) to benefit their descendants. This similar to a real burial that past Imperial masters have done for the Emperors. Emperors have vast lands and often have to deal with massive internal fighting/plots as well as external threats from neighboring countries. Hence, they used Sheng Ji to help them hold on to power as well to bring in good health & longevity. Ancestral Feng Shui uses the power of Qi from the mountains and waters to help growth energy to benefit both Human factors (health, descendants luck, marriage etc) and Wealth factors.

What is the Purpose of a Sheng Ji?

The purpose of Sheng Ji is tap the internal earth energies to help us in our quest for health, descendant luck, money, promotion, educational achievements, authority and marriage or also known as human luck. Some have illness after having done their Sheng Ji sees quicker recovery and in some cases able to have full recovery. While it is not a magical thing, Sheng Ji works like a turbo charger to give your car that boost. Some have bad ancestral grave but same time cannot do anything about it due family objections can also use Sheng Ji to help them apart from having a good house Feng Shui.

How does it connect to me so that I benefit from it?

Sheng Ji works in nature’s way that it can recognize its descendants, even they live far, they can still receive the benefits. Universal energies transcend boundary.

I see many ways of doing Sheng Ji. How are they different?

There are few ways of doing Sheng Ji. Some are the traditional way which is purely from the Feng shui point of view as what we practice. Some are using purely prayers for 49 days while most are a mix of both. In Singapore many are Sheng Ji in columbarium and temples. Sheng Ji technique is pretty scientific in a way. We do not mix with religious method.

How is Sheng Ji Feng Shui different from House Feng Shui?

House Feng Shui is important to living people but it benefits only from External Qi but Sheng Ji has both External & Internal Qi. The effects is again twice fold. Another reason is for example, a house feng shui due to it’s location is difficult to have academic star but Mr A is aspiring to be a professor, thus looking for a good Sheng Ji to bring in the Wen Chang luck will help him achieve this end.
To enjoy good Feng Shui, both House and Sheng Ji is important.

How Sheng Ji benefit me?

Chinese always say, first destiny, second luck and third Feng Shui. This is a typical case of using Feng Shui to help reshape our Destiny. In the Far East, Emperors, ministers, tycoon, actors, presidents all uses them to assist them to achieve their goals.

Who should or can do a Sheng Ji?

Anyone can do. There is no restriction on this and depending on your needs and wants.

I see many ways of doing Sheng Ji, why is it so?

It depends on which background they come from. Some uses religious method and some uses talisman with prayers.

I have seen some using Talisman and need to recite prayers, is this necessary?

Feng Shui is non religious and we do not need to use talisman to “initiate” the Sheng Ji, a proper date selection and some Feng Shui elements would be good enough. Then we let the natural process to take into effect. This is the traditional real Feng Shui method.

How long before I can see the benefits?

It depends, anything from few months. Remember, Feng Shui is Qi accumulation, not some magic trick. The better part is that the good effects stays for many years.

Who should do Sheng Ji?

Depending what do you need. It can be for better health, better money opportunity, better authoritative position, academic success, promotion chances, Male descendant luck or couples who wants children but have difficulty to conceive. Do it early because it will need some time to accumulate the good energy.

Do I have to take care of it?

No you don’t have to do anything after it is done.

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