Before birth, our parents started planning for our arrival. They planned in advance for the hospital for delivery, the confinement arrangements and baby shower celebration when we turned full month.

Before we grow old, we will plan for our retirement fund by purchasing insurance policies and contribute to CPF.

Uncertainties always happen along the way, what do you think is the impact to your family if you have not done the pre-planning for your final resting place?

There are many advantages to pre-planning:

a) Open discussion among family members
One will be able to discuss one’s needs with the family members openly

b) Make own decision on the selection of the final resting place
Able to decide and chose the final resting place of one’s favour

c) Avoid unnecessary arguments among family members
There won’t any unnecessary arguments among family members due to uncertainties of one’s needs

d) Good and proper arrangements
One can give clear instructions for good and proper arrangement

e) There is a total peace of mind
Once this last matter had been arranged, one will have a total peace of mind

f) Able to plan one’s finances in advance, leading to proper financial planning
With pre-planning, one can plan his finances properly and arrange for easy installment payment scheme

g) Enjoy life without further worries
Since all matters are taken care off already, one can go ahead to enjoy life with any future worries

Pre-Planning is about guarding against unexpected happenings and inflation, thus giving us a total peace of mind.

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